What to Expect on Your First Year of Online Business

The internet has revolutionized how we, as a society, live our lives. From transportation to communication, this marvelous advancement in technology made the world smaller and more accessible. This statement rings truest when it comes to retail and commerce. Like the internet, eCommerce has shifted consumer behaviors in a rather drastic way. People now have […]

Why You Need a Website Even If You’re Already Selling on Lazada or Shopee

Purchase behavior has drastically changed over the last few years. More so because of the 2020 global crisis, online shopping and eCommerce have become more than a novelty for most consumers. Retailers must adapt to these changes to keep up with the competitive world of eCommerce. At the onset of setting up a business, most […]

The Pandemic’s Impact on eCommerce

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the eCommerce industry. As we welcome the aftermath of the pandemic, let us discuss the impact of COVID-19 on eCommerce as well as best practices that can give your online store the edge it needs to thrive in the new normal.  Increased consumer open-mindedness General internet use has […]