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Are you ready to hire your next remote team member?

We make sure you and your VA are well supported throughout the process.

  • Dedicated VA

    Pay only for the hours they’re working for you.

  • Payrolling

    We’ll manage your VAs payroll and benefits.

  • Expertly Matched

    Our team of skilled recruiters look for culture and talent fit.

  • Health Benefits

    We get to source the top talent by providing the best benefits for our VAs.

  • Labor Compliant

    All our employment contracts are reviewed and approved by our legal team.

  • Coworking Benefits

    We run a coworking space in Manila called Loft and the VAs have 10h credits.

General FAQs

What are some things you need to know about Dojo’s VA Products and how it works?

What tasks can I outsource to VAs?
How much does it cost to outsource a virtual assistant?
Who can avail your services?
How long does the recruitment process take?
How can I interview shortlisted VAs?
What is the mode and schedule of payment?

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