Real Estate VA

Real Estate VA

Real Estate VA


Whether you’re at the early stages of your real estate career or you’ve been in the industry long enough, having to market your property listings, qualify leads, and maintain client relationships simultaneously can be overwhelming and tedious.


Your VA will handle daily admin tasks – from managing property listings, scheduling appointments to generating leads so you can focus more on closing deals.

Data entry and database management.

YOU ~10 mins YOUR VA ~3 hrs 15 mins
Align ~ 5 mins

Hand over a copy of your client database.

This includes all client information such as name, address, contact number and property details.

Organize ~ 3 hrs

Update your CRM. 

Your VA will clean up your database by removing duplicates, updating contact details and segmenting your clients into categories - buyers, sellers, homeowners.

Organize ~ 15 mins

Your VA will keep your database clean and updated.

Access ~ 5 mins

Review and easily access a seamless database whenever you need it.

Real Estate Real Estate

Are you ready to hire your next remote team member?

Property research.

YOU ~ 1 hr 15 mins YOUR VA ~ 3 hrs 5 mins
Evaluate ~ 1 hr

Assess the ideal property for your target market.

Lay out the essential details - property type, location, size, features, and price.

Create ~ 5 mins

Makes a detailed spreadsheet.

This is where the property details will be stored and organized.

Research ~ 3 hrs

Searches for the ideal property.

Your VA will conduct thorough research and update the sheet once a suitable property is found.

Access ~ 15 mins

Review the list and provide feedback. 

Your VA will help you grow your portfolio instantly.