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Administrative VA


As routine tasks start taking up most of your time, it becomes difficult to prioritize other functions that directly impact the growth of your business. Delegate your admin work to a VA, ensuring these small but crucial tasks are covered!


A virtual administrative assistant can carry out all the day-to-day tasks you have on your plate from scheduling to data entry, to free up your schedule for more important tasks.

Respond to emails and phone calls.

YOU ~ 25 mins YOUR VA ~ 4 hrs 30 mins
Align ~ 15 mins

Create a list of your contacts and provide access to your email / other messaging apps.

Your VA
Review ~ 3 hrs

Your VA will review your inbox to get accustomed to your writing style and the people you’re in constant communication with.

Your VA
Compose ~ 30 mins

Creates a draft response or script outline for a phone call.
Send test emails and sample responses for your review

Review ~ 10 mins

Assess and provide feedback.
Provide your feedback, comments and if any revisions are needed.

Your VA
Manage ~ 1 hr

Start sending emails and answering phone calls.
Your VA will handle your emails and calls on your behalf. You will get notified of any important correspondence you need to be aware of.

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Schedule appointments and meetings.

YOU ~ 45 mins YOUR VA ~ 2 hrs 45 mins
Coordinate ~ 15 mins

Inform your VA of upcoming meetings or appointments.
Important details to include are the participants, agenda, location, date & time.

Your VA
Schedule ~ 30 mins

Confirms appointment with participants.
Having an assistant ensures your schedule is on track and meetings are scheduled at your most convenient time. A meeting agenda can also be created by your VA.

Your VA
Organize ~ 15 mins

Sends meeting invites and follow-ups.
Your VA sends out invites and follow up emails days before the meeting to confirm participants’ attendance.

Align ~ 30 mins

Prepare for your meeting.
Your VA will keep you posted on your scheduled meetings and agenda. All you have to do is show up!

Your VA
Record ~ 1 hr

Minutes of the meeting.
Taking down important notes will be handled by your VA so you can focus on being fully present.

Your VA
Analyze ~ 1 hr

Reviews meeting outcomes.
Deliverables and deadlines from the meeting can be added by your VA to your project management tool for easier tracking.

Book travel and accommodations.

YOU ~ 25 mins YOUR VA ~ 3 hrs 15 mins
Align ~ 15 mins

Provide a list of travel plans, budget and basic logistics.
Your VA will handle making appointments – fixing it around your schedule and budget.

Your VA
Plan ~ 1 hr

Plans out a detailed travel itinerary with schedule and costing.
Your VA will plan out your travel and logistical arrangements whether it’s booking for a ticket, hotel accommodation and transportation coordination.

Review ~ 10 mins

Assess the provided itinerary and provide feedback.

Your VA
Execute ~ 2 hrs

Your VA will start arranging your bookings.
Provide access to your desired payment method.

Your VA
Monitor ~ 15 mins

Gives you a reminder of your travel arrangements to keep you on track.

Manage contact list and database.

YOU ~ 15 mins YOUR VA ~ 2 hrs 15 mins
Align ~ 10 mins

Hand over a copy of your client database.
This includes all critical information such as name, address and contact details.

Your VA
Review ~ 2 hrs

Update your CRM.
Your VA will clean up your database by removing duplicates, updating contact details and segmenting your contacts into categories for easier sorting.

Access ~ 5 mins

Easily access a seamless database whenever you need it.

Your VA
Monitor ~ 15 mins

Your VA will regularly update your database and keep it clean and organized.

Manage and organize your calendar.

YOU ~ 5 mins YOUR VA ~ 1 hrs 15 mins
Align ~ 5 mins

Give access to your work calendar.
Your VA may create it for you if you don’t have one yet!

Your VA
Sort ~ 1 hr

Creates a list of categories, priorities, and color-coding scheme.
This makes it easier for you to track your daily to-dos and appointments.

Your VA
Monitor ~ 15 mins

Maintains your calendar.
Your VA will help you be on top of your schedule by keeping your calendar up-to-date and organized.

Perform market research.

YOU ~ 45 mins YOUR VA ~ 3 hrs
Reflect ~ 30 mins

Identify your goals and objectives.
What specific information do you want to know more about? Competitors? Target market? Product demand? Trends? Pricing?

Your VA
Research ~ 2 hrs

Conducts a thorough market research based on the goals you set.

Your VA
Report ~ 1 hr

Summarizes report and data analysis.
Your VA will provide a detailed report with data analysis.

Review ~ 15 mins

Review the report and provide feedback.
Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions through the report your VA will provide you.