Respond to emails and phone calls.

YOU ~ 25 mins YOUR VA ~ 4 hrs 30 mins
Align ~ 15 mins

Create a list of your contacts and provide access to your email / other messaging apps.

Your VA
Align ~ 3 hrs

Your VA will review your inbox to get accustomed to your writing style and the people you’re in constant communication with.

Your VA
Align ~ 30 mins

Creates a draft response or script outline for a phone call.
Send test emails and sample responses for your review

Align ~ 10 mins

Assess and provide feedback.
Provide your feedback, comments and if any revisions are needed.

Your VA
Align ~ 1 hrs

Start sending emails and answering phone calls.
Your VA will handle your emails and calls on your behalf. You will get notified of any important correspondence you need to be aware of.