Website management.

YOU ~ 20 mins YOUR VA ~ 6 hrs
Align ~ 5 mins

Provide admin access to your website.
Let your VA know about specific pages or content you want to optimize.

Your VA
Align ~ 2 hrs

Conducts website audit.
Gives you an overview of the current status of the website. SEO ranking. Keyword research. Page health. Other reports and analytics.

Your VA
Align ~ 3 hrs

Develop a website management plan.
Based on the report generated, your VA will identify specific action items to improve your site. This may include updating site information, building backlinks, publishing blog posts, updating product pages and designing website banners.

Your VA
Align ~ 1 hrs

Reviews reports and analytics.
Your VA will closely monitor your website and create a report summarizing implemented changes and results. Other optimizations and recommendations may also be included.

Align ~ 15 mins

Assess and provide feedback.
Easily keep track of your website health with a report regularly sent by your VA.